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What is herbal medicine?

Traditional Herbal medicine comes from ancient practice and is supported by modern methods of testing and application. Made from roots, stems, bark, flowers, and whole plants, it is used to treat disease, address imbalances, or maintain exceptional health. The practice of using herbal medicine dates back thousands of years, with the earliest written history a 2000-year-old book from China which is the oldest known herbal text in the world.

Ruby believes that traditional herbal medicine is a great alternative or addition to pharmaceutical medicine because it can be used to create herbal formulas specific to each client’s needs, that treat the underlying root cause of disharmony, as well as symptomatic relief. Herbal medicines are created to treat the individual, not a disease. Many modern medications are based on the healing properties found in the herbal pharmacopeia. Herbs, nature’s own medicine are a better choice for many due to the absence of harmful or unwanted side effects.


Ruby's herbal pharmacy includes the best medicinal grade herbs available on the market sourced directly from Evergreen Herbs that have been tested for purity and quality, and certified with the distinction of  Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

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Herb Plants

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